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Harry Potter fic in 30 minutes. Gen, het and slash welcome.
Welcome to the Thirty Minute Harry Potter Ficlet Challenges!

A new challenge will be posted each Sunday afternoon by the moderators, scatteredlogic and pandora_nervosa. This can be a short premise, a word or phrase, or a picture.

Once you have thirty free minutes, set your timer and write! No fair using something already written - the thirty minutes is for plotting, writing, and editing.

At the end of the thirty minutes, post your fic behind an LJ-cut in this community. Format should be exactly as follows:

Rating (G through NC-17):
Author's Notes:

(lj-cut goes here)

then the text of the story.

Instructions for using the lj-cut:
(delete asterisks to make the code work properly)

<*lj-cut>Enter your story here

Instructions for using the lj-cut with text:
(delete asterisks to make the code work properly)

<*lj-cut text="Enter your story title or other comment here">Enter the body of your story here

Genfic, het, slash are all welcome. If the fic is particularly squicky or graphic, please note this in the author's notes.

While we don’t want to stifle creativity or initiative, the challenge is to see how well you can meet the parameters of the week’s challenge within a thirty-minute time frame. Obviously, no one expects anyone to stop writing in mid-sentence, and people will occasionally be interrupted as they write. However, the time limit is part of the process.

Therefore, we feel that 40 minutes would allow for any such interruptions and still remain within the spirit of the challenge. If you find yourself going past 40 minutes in writing your piece, no matter what the reason, please post it on your own journal and then post a link to the piece on the community journal because we want everyone to read what you've worked so hard on.

We feel these rules will allow us to continue to be known as 30minutefics while also allowing for the occasional longer work that springs from our challenges.

If you do develop beyond the 30 minutes and create a longer fic that you post elsewhere (either your LJ or somewhere like ff.net or aff.net), we'd appreciate a mention in your author's notes that you got your idea here.

If you archive your ficlet elsewhere, we'd appreciate a mention in your author's notes on that archive.

Please, don't be shy! If you don't wish to write a challenge, please do try and comment on the challenge entries that are posted. The writers appreciate it. Lurking is fine, but we'd love to hear your voice!

You can write on any past challenge if the mood strikes, as well. Just make sure you post that it is in response to an older challenge. All challenges are archived in the Memories section.

Questions? Suggestions for a challenge? Email the Mods.

Disclaimer: All HP characters and concepts are copyrighted by JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, andWarner Bros; this community and its contents are intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No infringement is intended and no money is being made.

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